Collaborations with companies, universities, and research centers

POLIMI currently hosts some labs devoted to the communications technologies. They  offer to the students the opportunity and the tools to improve their hand-on skills, fundamental for completing their professional preparation. The labs are also places where the academic and industrial worlds meet for collaboration on specific research topics and for cross-fertilization. All our labs produce innovative contributions to research in different disciplines that are very well recognized by the international research community.

Our labs cooperates with companies, research centers, and the top universities around the world. They all have a long standing esperience in project activities that have a direct impact on products and services relevant for the market.

Cooperation with industry is managed in a number of different ways, from direct research contracts, to scholarships and internships for students, as well as partnerships within international and national research projects. For students, this strong relations with industry offers the opportunity to make stages at companies, and also to develop the final master thesis in cooperation with companies. The students can experience work environments and acquire practical skills that are typically not available in academic contexts.

Professors and researchers have also a large number of relations with top research centers and universities for research activities. This gives students very often the opportunity to attend seminars and tematic lectures given by professors and scientists who visit our labs, as well as the to work in an open and international environment during the projects associated with master courses or during the final thesis period.